Precautions for prepress design of pre coating and

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Precautions for prepress design of pre coating and lamination of printed matter

if the final ink "> if the printed matter is covered with film, the factor of covering film should be taken into account when designing the printed matter. That is to say, when designing the printed matter, the costume designer should consider what processes the printed matter needs to carry out in the future during printing and post printing, what process to adopt, and what paper and ink to choose, so as to finally make the yield of the printed matter meet the requirements of the enterprise.

precoating is used on the cover of books, magazines and other publications During film coating, the rolling line or concave convex part is often easy to film due to insufficient film coating conditions of full-scale ink, resulting in unqualified cover. In the decoration design of the cover, if our designer designs the color at the rolling line to be light or even colorless, so that the adhesion here eliminates the interference of ink, then there is no problem of film formation. Similarly, pre coating is not suitable for us. 1. As in the past, China is the world's largest machinery and equipment market by far. It is an ink, which is prone to film phenomenon

therefore, for the lamination problem, first of all, the designer of the printed matter should know how many processing procedures the printed matter needs to go through, what impact each processing procedure has on the lamination, how to avoid such impact, and how to avoid such impact, so as to reduce the quality problem of the printed matter and improve the yield. This requires designers to consider the impact of processes such as printing, ironing, gold, local UV, rolling line, concave convex and so on on the coating when designing. For example, the film covering at the golden ink is often easy to cause insufficient film strength. If the line is rolled at the gold ink after coating, it is common to have the problem of film rising at the rolling line and even the coexistence of different metastable phases. If the designers of our products know this, they can avoid rolling, cutting and folding at the place of gold ink in the design, but WRAP the gold ink, so as to avoid film rising and cause unqualified products

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