Precautions for painting the hottest water-based p

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Precautions for water-based paint spraying

precautions for water-based paint spraying

August 7, 2020

automotive water-based painting. The traditional painting of automobiles has always been oil-based painting. This kind of painting needs to be prepared with organic solvents, which will cause great harm to the body of drivers in automobile factories. In the long run. Nowadays, European and American countries have begun to popularize water-based coatings, which can reduce the emission of organic solvents in cars and is easy to dry

this can save the energy required for car baking, and the water-based paint is harder and more scratch resistant than the oil-based paint. Environmental friendly and energy-saving water-based coatings are a major trend of 7 inspection rules. Now China has begun to develop water-based coatings

due to the water-based paint being sprayed, the temperature and humidity of the spraying environment should be strictly limited during the spraying process. Due to different seasons, temperature and humidity are required, and painting of different products needs to be described. Before covering the water-based paint and spraying the primer, it is necessary to flash it to ensure that the non-volatile content of the moisturizing paint film is 80%

Bayer materials technology in water-based coatings exhibits ecological balance. The volatilization of hard bubbles is mainly controlled by adjusting the temperature and humidity of the spraying room, while solvent based coatings can adjust the solid content by adjusting the evaporation rate of diluent. The solid content of water-based coatings is usually 20% to 30%, and the solid content of solvent based coatings is 60% to 70%. Therefore, water-based coatings need to be heated because they have better smoothness at the same time. If it is dry, it is easy to have quality problems such as sagging and bubbles. Therefore, the rheological control technology of coating is the key to the design of waterborne coating

nowadays, environmental pollution is serious, and the automobile industry is also trying to improve. In order to reduce the evaporation of organic solvents, many developed countries have used water-based coatings as the main automotive system. In recent years, China has also started, but China's automobile industry is not unified. The spraying process and technology of water-based coatings are not very good. The national promotion is not very strong, but now people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. The use of hydration will also become more and more extensive. We can also do change experiments, fatigue experiments, creep experiments, relaxation experiments, endurance experiments and so on by using experimental machines

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