Precautions for pre press inspection of the hottes

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Precautions for CorelDRAW prepress inspection

font problems

① some font libraries have different description methods, and the overlapping part of strokes will appear through overlapping after output. Be careful

② paragraphs containing special characters in Chinese and English are prone to problems, such as ■, @, ★, ○ detailed system of automatic bending and pressure testing machine, etc

③ use the new standard 3. Check the GBK font that is set by the pull-down menu or directly input the data to solve the problem of missing hidden words

④ for too thin fonts, it is best not to use more than 3-color mixing. If this technology is used to stack on glass fiber, such as (c10m30y80), it is also not suitable for dark background anti white words. In unavoidable cases, it is necessary to tick off the anti white words, and apply the background color similar to the color or a certain printing monochrome (usually black K)

gradient problem

① common problems are as follows: for example, the gradient of red and black is set incorrectly: (M100 k100) the middle will be ugly

the correct setting should be as follows: (M100 m100k100) you can understand it after careful analysis, and so on in other cases

② transparent gradient is a method suitable for network graphics, and grayscale images are also acceptable, but the finished output cannot be used, because the spatial mixing mode is RGB, and the screen mixed color is too different from the printed CMYK. Be careful

③ the gradient of the black part should not be too low, such as 5% black. Because there is a black overprint option when outputting, less than 10% black is usually used instead of overprint, which leads to problems. Similarly, be careful when using pure light black

picture problem

① one thing to note about PSD file is that you should not do any destructive * work after importing it, such as rotation, mirroring, tilting, etc. due to its transparent mask, it will break after output, and finally install the jaw splint diagram

② it's still a mask. You should also be careful when using it in CorelDRAW. If necessary, it's safer to put it into a container

③ resolution and resampling

don't do this in Corel. It's really convenient to convert to bitmap, but the loss is color restoration. Be professional and get it in PS

④ color mode, don't blame me for being wordy. This is an old hand, but it's also wrong

all pictures must be CMYK or grayscale and monochrome bitmap, otherwise they cannot be output. (few people play monochrome bitmap, but playing well is a realm.)

output accessories

that is, the corner line color code and other output accessories. Now it seems that the service of the output company is full of good, so don't worry too much

prepress inspection

use PDF files for prepress inspection! Note that you don't print a PDF directly with CorelDRAW! This is wrong

the order is as follows: * CDR output is encapsulated EPS, i.e. * EPS

EPS is generated by acrobatdistiller * Pdf

PDF files generated in this way can be printed directly by some printing manufacturers, and the file size can be transmitted by e-mail

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